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Job-Box Tower
Simple roll around job box with outrigers and extendable mast provide portability, small size, sizes of LED lights and configurations available.

Hitch Tower
- 12 foot retractable mast stores easily along with hitch receiver
- Many LED Light options from 150 watts up to 1,000 watt 4 head 360 fixtures
- Power with DC to AC inverter off of vehicle batteries or use a simple 1000 watt suitcase generator.
- Camping
- Work Sites
- Parking Lots
- Etc.

Trailer Tower
- Add a heavy duty 5 stage mast to any trailer of your choice
- Lifts 1009 lbs. up to 24ft.
- Chose up to 3000 watts of LED fixtures to light up extra large areas.


Masts Only
Light or heavy duty multistage masts
Can be added to existing generator boxes, trailers, etc.

Tower - Tables
Custom built tables, seating, etc with masts and lighting to your specs
Perfect for events where you would like a useful fixture as well as lighting

Roll Around portable mast and lighting
Collapsible tower lifts 400 lbs up to 19 ft collapses and stores easily.


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