Telecom Systems Generators

These products use the highest quality materials and components to provide long life and very low maintenance. The design considers a tropical environment with high dust and sand conditions. These units are designed for continuous operation at remote telecommunication sites.

The generator systems incorporate heavy gauge metal frames and side panels in rust resistant steel or stainless steel as an option. The wiring is suitable for 105 degree centigrade operation. The air filtration system is the multistage filtration type for unattended use in tropical high dust environments.

The radiator cooling systems are tropical full KW rated for 130 degree Fahrenheit continuous operation.

The engine oiling system is high capacity with additional oil coolers for tropical operation.

The engine electronics systems use digital electronic safety and auto start controllers that are serviced as user replaceable modules.

The generator is a brushless electronic voltage regulated design with low harmonic content. The generator is full KW rated 25% above the full output rating of the generator assembly rating. This provides outstanding transient response and resists over temperature conditions internal to the generator when operating at full load in harsh conditions.

The generators are also available as a permanent magnet inverter style with engine variable speed control as an option.

Fuel line threaded connections through frame are standard as is a fuel lift pump.

Generator units are factory tested for full KW loading and the profiles are retained as factory records.

Battery Systems

The NEXT GENERATION POWER battery systems are a flooded design for non attended operation with watering checks required once a year when recombinant caps are used. The batteries are double enclosed to prevent the spillage of electrolyte. The battery design consists of thick welded plate construction with oversize terminals. The cycling capacity and life of the batteries is based on the ambient operational temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The float life expectancy of the batteries is 8 years with a maximum of 1000 discharge cycles at 50% of ampere hour capacity. The deep cycle life expectancy of the batteries is 5 years with a maximum of 2000 discharge cycles at 50% of ampere hour capacity.

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