Industrial Duty Belt Drive Compressors

Diesel, Natural Gas or Propane Drives

After custom building diesel compressors and generator compressor combinations for over 10 years, Next-Gen has added several base units as a standard item with options to fit many applications.

Our small Kubota powered diesel compressors are perfect for service vehicles or where electricity is just not an option. The industrial duty Kubota engines will outlast most gasoline powered units by 5 to 10 times with much greater safety and reliability.

The base unit starts at 20 CFM and goes up from there. The machines are powered by industrial Kubota engines and are available with the radiator mounted, or with a remote radiator / fan assembly. If you wish to mount the unit in a partially closed compartment.


20 - 30 CFM Champion pumps with radiator mounted
34" L x 25" H x 23" D
20 - 30 CFM in weather enclosure 
36" L x 26" H x 22.5" D

30 CFM with enclosure
20-30 CFM on 30 gallon tank
36" L x 44" H x 22.5" D
30 CFM without enclosure

Standard Features:

- Kubota industrial engines
- Low speed piston compressors
- Mounted or remote radiator cooling
- Fuel transfer pump
- Spin on oil and fuel filters
- Dry air cleaners
- Muffler
- Oil pressure and water temp safety shutdowns
- Remote start / stop panel & 20' harness
- Electric start
- Heavy duty belt drive


- Weather enclosures
- Mounted air tanks
- Fuel tanks
- Generators, Welders, Jump Start (See our combination units)

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