Combination Units  (Also see Spray Foam Combinations for larger units)   

Next-Gen combination units were originally designed for service type vehicles where space is at a premium. Again all Kubota diesel powered, these machines offer safety, reliability and long life in one package. As with our compressor, only generator only units we start with a simple rugged open type unit and build from there. Our most popular combination unit is the 2 Cyl. 12 HP package that puts out up to 5.5 Kw and up to 20 CFM of compressed air. (It will produce 20 CFM at 120 PSI at the same time as 3.5 Kw of A/C output)

This unit is also available with the 3 Cyl. 18 HP Kubota that would give you up to 30 CFM @ 175 PSI. At the same time as 5 Kw output.

Open unit on tank
40" L x 40" H x 20" D
Open unit radiator mounted
40" L x 26" H x 20" D

Remote radiator shown

* Welder - Generator - Compressor

44" L x 21" H x 20" D - Remote radiator

44" L x 26" H x 23" D - Radiator mounted

Maximum Outputs
2 Cyl.   3 Cyl.
300 Amps
5.5 Kw
20 CFM
D/C Welding
120 / 240 V A/C Output
@ 175 PSI Air
300 Amps
5.5 Kw
30 CFM

(You can get 50% of the max electrical output at the same time as 20 CFM @ 120 PSI air.)

3 Cyl. 18 HP version can give up to 30 CFM at the same time as 80% of the max electric output or 20 CFM with full A/C output.

* Please consult Next-Gen for available output under different conditions.

Radiator mounted on 30 gallon tank.
44" L x 46" H x 23" D
Custom welder generator compressor
on low profile tanks
44" L x 34" H x 23" D
 Please call us for combination units based on our 1800 RPM industrial Gen Sets we can add a compressed air option to any set up to 40 Kw

Standard Features:

- Kubota diesel engines
- Schultze low speed piston compressors
- Mounted or remote radiator cooling
- Fuel transfer pump
- Spin on oil and fuel filters
- Dry air cleaners
- Muffler
- Oil pressure and water temp safety shutdowns
- Remote start / stop panel & 20' harness
- Electric start
- Heavy duty belt drive


- Weather enclosures
- Mounted air tanks
- Rotary screw compressors

Call for other available options

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